The Doctors Diet

The Doctors Diet

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The Doctors Diet is developed by Dr. Travis Stork, the co-host of the television show, The Doctors, and a practicing board-certified emergency medicine physician.

Dr. Stork says that very often it is too late when people come to the emergency room. This is why he wants to provide individuals with information to avoid preventable illnesses related to obesity before they occur.

Doctor’s Diet Basics

In The Doctor’s Diet he offers readers a flexible and practical diet plan for weight loss, disease prevention, and longevity.

Making Healthy Choices

Most people don’t realize they make about 200 health-related decisions every day.

These choices influence their well-being and ultimately how long they will live.

Paying attention to these seemingly unimportant decisions is what creates good health.

How Your Diet Can Save Your Life

Dr. Stork says that he sees a lot of people with medical emergencies that are directly related to their diet. He explains in this video:

Stork discusses how weight-related health complications are the most significant cause of death for Americans. He also highlights some of the potentially fatal health risks associated with an unhealthy diet.

The foods you eat will influence how healthy you are and how long you live. However on a day-to-day basis, he says we haven’t made the connection in our minds yet.

Everyone knows they are supposed to eat healthy but this isn’t translating to actions in our everyday lives.

Food as Medicine

Dr. Stork believes health is not achieved by spending hours in the gym or following deprivation diets.

You can be healthy, and yet, still love food. You can actually use food as your medicine … and enjoy it, and lose a lot of weight.

In the Doctor’s Diet Stork highlights specific foods that can act as medicines to produce immediate results.

Five Numbers Every Person Needs to Know

Dr. Travis Stork brings attention to 5 different diagnostic measurements that can be used as markers of good health. These include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index
  • Calorie Intake

Many people don’t display symptoms if their blood pressure or cholesterol is high. The first symptom may be a heart attack says Stork.

So he recommends getting those numbers checked regularly then working in collaboration with your doctor to get them in a good range.

Regarding calorie intake, most people have no idea how many calories they should be eating on a daily basis.

We often eat two or three times as many calories as we need.

The Doctors Diet encourages you start monitoring portion sizes and calorie amounts, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to reach your optimal weight.

Three Phase Eating Plan

The diet is broken down into three easy steps:


  • The initial phase lasts for two weeks. It is low in calories to jump-start your weight loss.
  • This is where you learn how to reset your taste buds and let go of unhealthy eating habits.


  • The diet in the second phase is a bit more flexible.
  • You will continue with this phase until you achieve your goal weight.


  • Dr. Stork says this is basically the plan he follows in his own life.
  • It is designed to maintain your ideal weight and support general well-being.

Doctor Approved Foods

Foods you can expect to eat on The Doctors Diet.
Salmon, shrimp, cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs, whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta, black beans, lentils, almonds, spinach, sweet potato, tomato, lettuce, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, berries, peaches, apples, bananas, honey, popcorn, olive oil, red wine.

Sample Meal Plan


Breakfast Banana Split


Quick-Fix Bean Burrito Bowl Salad

Afternoon Snack

1 apple
Handful of raw nuts


Garlic Shrimp
Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Steamed Broccoli

Exercise Should Be Fun

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to achieve your health and weight loss goals.

Says Dr. Stork,

Exercise is not supposed to be a job. Exercise is not supposed to be work. It’s supposed to be fun. Get out there, enjoy yourself, and be active.

Costs and Expenses

The Doctor’s Diet: Dr. Travis Stork’s STAT Program to Help You Lose Weight Restore Your Health retails at $25.95.


  • Encourages readers to take a proactive role in their health.
  • Designed to prevent serious diseases before they manifest.
  • Offers a flexible plan that can be adapted to individual needs and preferences.
  • Based on scientific research and the opinions of a well-renowned health expert.
  • Includes healthy recipes with vegetarian options.


  • Those with serious health conditions will require more specific dietary guidance.
  • Requires elimination of certain foods, especially during the early stages.
  • Dieters may experience hunger and other symptoms as they adjust to the diet in the first two weeks.

Reduce Weight and Prevent Disease

The Doctors Diet combines healthy diet and lifestyle strategies from a renowned doctor into a flexible and practical plan.

On this program you can achieve your ideal weight while enjoying delicious foods that prevent disease and support lifelong health.

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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Last Reviewed: January 25, 2018

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