Calories in Cake

Calories in Cake

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Calories in Cake

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Cake Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Cake, angelfood, commercially prepared7316.41.70.20
Cake, angelfood, dry mix10624.12.50.10
Cake, angelfood, dry mix, prepared12929.43.10.20
Cake, boston cream pie, commercially prepared7112.
Cake, carrot, dry mix, pudding-type11822.
Cake, cherry fudge with chocolate frosting7510.
Cake, chocolate, commercially prepared with chocolate frosting10415.
Cake, chocolate, dry mix, pudding-type11222.
Cake, chocolate, dry mix, regular12120.
Cake, chocolate, prepared from recipe without frosting4070607.260.3171.761.7
Cake, fruitcake, commercially prepared9217.
Cake, german chocolate, dry mix, pudding-type11422.
Cake, gingerbread, dry mix12421.11.23.91
Cake, gingerbread, prepared from recipe10113.
Cake, marble, dry mix, pudding-type11822.513.30.7
Cake, pineapple upside-down, prepared from recipe9014.313.40.8
Cake, pound, commercially prepared, butter11614.61.763.5
Cake, pound, commercially prepared, fat-free8017.
Cake, pound, commercially prepared, other than all butter, enriched11715.
Cake, pound, commercially prepared, other than all butter, unenriched11715.
Cake, shortcake, biscuit-type, prepared from recipe1 oz9813.71.741.1
Cake, snack cakes, creme-filled, chocolate with frosting10717.114.10.8
Cake, snack cakes, creme-filled, sponge10318.
Cake, snack cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, with frosting, low-fat8619.11.210.3
Cake, sponge, commercially prepared8217.
Cake, sponge, prepared from recipe8416.
Cake, white, dry mix, pudding-type, enriched120231.12.70.7
Cake, white, dry mix, pudding-type, unenriched120231.12.70.7
Cake, white, dry mix, regular12122.
Cake, white, dry mix, special dietary (includes lemon-flavored)11322.
Cake, white, prepared from recipe with coconut frosting10117.
Cake, white, prepared from recipe without frosting3167507.447.911029
Cake, yellow, commercially prepared, with chocolate frosting10715.
Cake, yellow, commercially prepared, with vanilla frosting10616.714.10.7
Cake, yellow, dry mix, light11523.
Cake, yellow, dry mix, pudding-type12022.
Cake, yellow, dry mix, regular, enriched12222.
Cake, yellow, dry mix, regular, unenriched12222.
Cake, yellow, prepared from recipe without frosting294943343.3119.332.1

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